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Once upon a time I was an interior designer, a job I liked. But what I loved was fabric, all types from humble canvas to the most exotic Lampas. So I started making bags from the odd bits of fabric I had been collecting. First for myself, then for friends, family and assorted wedding parties. Soon my hobby was taking up more time than my job. Until one day my hobby became my job! Today the bags are more sophisticated, my skill as an artisan has greatly improved and my selection of materials has changed. But what hasn't changed is that every bag is still lovingly hand crafted out of my small sunny Newport Rhode Island studio. 



Evolution happens in every creative process, and Macnsea is no exception. Once named Two Cats (in a bag) making all sort of bags out of all sorts of materials, it became clear that sail was becoming my favorite material.  Today Macnsea is primarily focused on creating unique bags from recycled sail and other up-cycled materials from the sail making industry. Turning trash into useful, unique, durable and cool bags! 

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