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Recycled Sail J70 Backpack

Recycled Sail J70 Backpack


This heavy duty recycled sail pack is roomy, tuff and pulled from a J70 boat! Approximately 19” tall x 17" across the top x 34” around, one interior zip pocket, and zipper top. Black yacht braid shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted with a simple knot at the base. 

*A quick note on sail. My recycled sail bags are made from just that, used, up-cycled, re-purposed etc. sail. Each bares the marks of time at sea. All sail is washed before it is turn into a bag, but most will never be bright bright white, and most will have some sort of marking on it. I do cut out the bad stuff of course. Also, sail is not waterproof. The upside of all this.....your bag is super cool and totally unique!

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