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Recycled Sail Crossbody Purse with Royal Blue Pocket

Recycled Sail Crossbody Purse with Royal Blue Pocket


Recycled sail crossbody purse, with bright royal blue spinnaker front toggle pocket. White/red yacht braid strap and royal blue top zip. Recycled sail bag, only smaller! Approximately 11" tall x  11" wide at the top x 7.5" wide at the bottom x 3" deep at the fold. Original sail stitch patterns may very, these are a natural part of the sail and just cant be cut around. Adjust strap by simply tying a knot on the inside. Toss in your junk and hit the dock, beach or style the nautical look in town! Please expect some minor variations with each piece. As with all my products, these are handmade and every piece of sail is unique.

*A quick note on sail. My recycled sail bags are made from just that, used, up-cycled, re-purposed etc. sail. Each bares the marks of time at sea. All sail is washed before it is turn into a bag, but most will never be bright bright white, and most will have some sort of marking on it. I do cut out the bad stuff of course. Also, sail is not waterproof. The upside of all this.....your bag is super cool and totally unique!

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